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Temporarily Closed 

● Please send me an email for possible days and times for your appointment. 


● In my new Private Studio in Scheveningen, I'll be seeing Women Only. When I return back to Delight Yoga, I look forward to seeing all of you. I'm sorry for this temporary inconvenience and disappointment. Thank you for your understanding.


● During all treatments, I will remain wearing a double-layered face mask - KN95 and Surgical Mask. When you are turned face up, I will be providing you with a new and disposable surgical mask so that I may work around your shoulders, neck, face and scalp. If you would also like to arrive with a face mask of your own this would also be appreciated. If not, I have one for you to wear and keep. Thank you!!   


● Due to our shared experience around the world, Live to Give Massage remains only partially opened. I will be taking limited appointments via email.

I'm very sorry that I can not accommodate all requests. Early bookings by all clients are very helpful.

Thank You! 

● Your Therapeutic Massage will be given in a new private massage studio.  The studio has two windows that will remain open for the freshest of air during your treatment. The Massage table is heated to your desired temperature and I can easily adjust the temperature in the room for your comfort. A heated blanket is also provided. 


● Complimentary Aromatherapy to all guests. :) 


Nedra van de Reep, LMT 

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Located inside of: My Private Studio in Scheveningen
Also located at: DELIGHT YOGA (temporarily out of office)
Scheveningenseweg 14
2517 KT, The Hague



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