Health Precautions

   New Studioimage


Temporarily Closed


Now located in a new and very well ventilated private studio.


    I am currently seeing only returning female clients. I am not accepting new clients at the moment.

Upon arrival I will greet you wearing a mask and supply you with hand sanitizer.


Please arrive with a mask on. If you don't have one, I am happy to give you a disposable surgical mask. 


   During all treatments, I will remain wearing a double-layered face mask - KN95 mask and a Surgical Mask. When you are turned face up, I will be having you wear again your mask so that I may work around your shoulders, neck, face and scalp.

Thank you!! 


My new studio is well ventilated. It has two windows with a cross breeze. A large heating system that warms up the room nicely as well as a heated massage table set to your comfort level. Heated blankets are also available if needed. Thank you!!