Price Transparency

    Price increases have come into effect at Live to Give Massage. At this moment, I've decided to only increase the One Hour treatment time. All other prices have stayed the same.

     For better transparency, you will find below a picture of one of my monthly invoices from TAURO - the building which Live to Give Massage is in. This monthly factuur/invoice is the main part of my cost for running Live to Give Massage. I am both the owner as well as the sole Massage Therapist who provides all treatments. I have yet to find a Licensed Massage Therapist to join me who has the same level of education as myself. However, I am keeping my fingers crossed and will be increasing the amount of courses I am teaching:). If a massage therapist (one wanting to learn all that I've learned) is interested in joining Live to Give Massage, please contact me.

     Thank you so very much for being a client or prospective client of mine. It means so much for me to be able to provide Therapeutic Massage in such a professional environment and in a luxurious and tranquil space, while at the same time keeping my prices fair and affordable. Thank you for your business which allows me this and more.

     In January, my office rent at TAURO will be increasing to €858 per month with VAT included. I will do my best to continue to keep my prices affordable and sustainable. Thank you for your trust, your generosity and your returning visits at Live to Give Massage.

     For information on my educational background you may visit my Licensed Therapist page, which provides google links to all of my professional credentials. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon at Live to Give Massage.