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All Treatments Provided are Professional and Ethical.

   Please arrive 5 minutes early. *We will briefly discuss the simple intake form you filled out online. This gives you an opportunity to express any health related issues and discuss the details of your session. The intake form only needs to be filled out at your first visit. I will be keeping and maintaining all records in confidence thereafter. Future sessions will involve a simple verbal intake to keep me updated. For regular visits arrive just a few minutes early. 


* You may go to the receptionist when you arrive and she will notify me. 
* All Payments are made through Delight Yoga at Reception.


Professionalism & Quality Assurance:
 I will leave the room to provide you with total privacy as you undress to your level of comfort. I will return when you are under the sheets. Most of my clients completely disrobe, knowing that only the areas of the body I am working on are uncovered. Although this does provide easier ability to perform glute and hip work...I can easily accomodate and work around any articles of clothing you choose to keep on.
* Please know that all treatments provided are professional and ethical.
*All massage products are professional grade massage oils and creams:* 100% Organic Jojoba Oil  is used for all massages and Shea Butter for Myofascial work. 
*Linens are always changed and washed after use on each client. 
*Please know that all treatments provided are professional and ethical. 

 *Please respect our 24 hour notice Cancellation Policy

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